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Agnieszka Jankiewicz

Agnieszka Jankiewicz

Agnieszka Jankiewicz is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. She is an art educator with over 15 years of experience and an EFL teacher with over 5 years of experience. Triggering creativity and passion in young people is her main goal. She provides interpretative workshops in galleries and museums presenting contemporary art, making it closer and more understandable for the youth. She teaches Art and English, sometimes interchangeably, sometimes interweavingly, in Youth Cultural Center Club in Poznan. She collaborates with Mediations Biennale Poznan, organiser of exhibitions of contemporary art concentrating on a dialogue between different cultures of the world and artistic explorations of creators from Central Europe.

Alan Cohen


Alan Cohen currently works with Burlington English as an adult ESL instructor in Karmiel, Israel. He is a certified vocational instructor from the United States of 16 years and has taught English as a second language (grades 7-12) specializing in pedagogical grammar and American Literature. During the past four years in Israel he has also acquired adult education teaching skills with several different professional ESL organizations. He has a background as a fine artist and graphic design. He has a keen and unique interest in the history of international narrative film and fully endorses the integration of the visual arts as a strong and viable language format that constantly evolves. The visual arts can be used as a transitive vehicle well worth deep exploration that allows unique opportunities that enhance and enrich our language skills both emotionally and by concept which in turn promotes the improvement of self-expression in everyday English language use.

Aleksandra Jevtović

Aleksandra Jevtović is a teacher of English with over 20 years of experience. She is also a teacher trainer and a regular speaker at international conferences. Aleksandra is one of the editors of ELTA Serbia’s Newsletter and Journal which fits nicely into her passion for reading books, textbooks, articles, professional magazines. She holds an MA in English Language and Literature. Her interests in the EFL teaching field include several approaches – from using visuals and literature to using translation and the mother tongue in the classroom.

Alex Purcell


Alex Purcell is a teacher, teacher trainer and course designer living in Córdoba Spain. She is currently designing and delivering combined TEFL and CLIL courses to teachers in local bilingual schools. Alex´s passion is painting and drawing; she is currently experimenting a lot with Sacred Geometry in Art, and is always looking for new ways to combine art and images with language teaching.

Amadeu Marin

Amadeu Marin has been a teacher of English as a foreign language for almost 30 years. He has been school director, deputy director, head of studies, exam coordinator, online programme coordinator and ICT coordinator at EOI Castelló, and he has also done some teacher training on the side. But he has never stopped being a teacher; as he gets more experienced and progresses in his career he feels more and more passionate about teaching, and he gets more and more fun out of it.

Andreia Zakime


Andréia Zakime is a teacher, teacher trainer and course designer. She works at the Academic Department of Cultura Inglesa São Paulo and holds an MA in Publishing and Editorial Design. Andréia has a keen interest in the use of student-generated content to enable learners to act as protagonists in the learning process.

Andrés Pi Andreu

Andrés Pi Andreu is a multiple award winning writer and Bilingual Literacy Consultant. He thinks that he is a Renaissance man who is capable of driving “Everything” into the future.
He has written Educational programs for various US and foreign publishers for more than 12 years. He is also a Language Immersion and Language Transferability Expert. Andrés has published more than 200 books as a Children Literature author, and has won awards like the White Ravens List 2013, the Apel les Mestres Award 2010, and the Gold Medal in the Florida Books awards in 2015.

Andy Cowle


Andy Cowle, formerly an English teacher, has been in ELT publishing and materials-based training for over 25 years, working in more than 30 countries. Passionate about language learning, ELT and working with visuals, Andy is an independent ELT sales and development consultant and trainer, based in Glasgow. He is also an events speaker known for his lively and practical talks, and runs presentations training for native speakers and non-native speakers worldwide. Andy has a lifelong love of films, is a volunteer at the Glasgow Film Theatre, and is currently looking into the use of film within UK education.

Andy Webster


Andy Webster holds a degree in Psychology and Philosophy and an MSc in TESOL. During his time at Edinburgh University he completed and published research exploring the pedagogical potential of virtual worlds and Web 2.0 tools. He loves to travel and has taught a variety of learners in Japan and South Korea. He is especially keen to investigate new teaching methods and enjoys the continuing challenges associated with English language teaching. He currently enjoys teaching at Jeonju University where he continually seeks to provide an engaging, nurturing and creative learning environment for all students. He likes to share his imaginative ideas and passion for teaching through presentations on subjects such as music, visual arts and creativity at KOTESOL conferences and teacher workshops. His latest venture with his wife, Susan Webster, is a fresh and imaginative blog with ideas to inspire fellow English language teachers –

Angeliki Voreopoulou

Angeliki Voreopoulou

Angeliki Voreopoulou  has been an ELT practitioner since 1998. She is currently working in a State Primary school in Northern Greece. She holds a BA in English from University  of Kent and an MEd in TEFL from University of Bristol. She believes that students, especially the very young ones, can learn so much better when introducing  colour, music, games and storytelling.  She stimulates her students by engaging them in projects fostering critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Her main interests include visual materials, storytelling and  the use of Web 2.0 tools into the classroom. She also adapts all time classic games (like Jenga, Monopoly, Battleship etc) that children love for the purposes of teaching English. She shares her practice in seminars , talks and workshops.

Angie Carrillo


Angie Carrillo is a creator. She creates artwork, as in paintings and wood sculptures, and creates experiences. These experiences can be a fun English lesson, art receptions, or themed parties. I am looking to connect my visual passion with experiental language learning and have found my way to the Visual Arts Circle via Kieran’s course I’m taking on film in the classroom.

Ann Foreman


Ann Foreman is a classroom teacher and teacher trainer based at the British Council centre, Bilbao,Spain. She is a specialist in the use of social media and learning technologies for language teaching and forms part a British Council global team that runs its TeachingEnglish social media channels, including its highly successful Facebook and Twitter pages.

Anna Venuto

Anna Venuto was born in Sicily and got her degree in European Languages and Cultures (English, Spanish and Italian)  at Catania University in 2007,  a certificate (CEDILS)  for Italian teaching in the same year, a training teacher course (CAP) in Spain, at Jaén University in 2008 and a Master’s in Applied Linguistics in English as a Foreign Language, in 2010. She has been working in Spain as a curious, committed and passionate English-Italian teacher, since 2009, both at private and state-run schools. Currently she is working at the EOI in Castellón,  where beside teaching she has  also started some  teacher training courses for her colleagues, about  blended learning and some edtech tools which can support meaningful projects to promote students’ agency and alternative evaluations.

Anna Whitcher


Anna Whitcher is a writer, editor, and video producer of ELT materials. With a Master’s in English Composition, she began her career over 20 years ago as an EFL teacher in Riga, Latvia, which led her to her work in publishing. She has taught ESL/EFL and Spanish to teenagers and adults in the US and in Europe. In addition to writing and editing for print and digital products, she has more recently become a video producer for several courses, including Eyes Open / Uncover (Cambridge University Press) and Jetstream (Helbling Languages). She is co-author of Smart English A2 (Brookemead ELT) with Rebecca Robb Benne and How to Write Film and Video Activities (ELT Teacher 2 Writer) with Kieran Donaghy. She has lived and worked in the US and Europe and currently resides in her native San Francisco where she continues to pursue the visual arts in language teaching through film creation and production.

Anne Robinson


Anne Robinson is a teacher, teacher trainer and author. She works freelance as well as frequently for Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press. She has written several coursebooks including Fun for Starters, Fun for Movers and Fun for Flyers (Cambridge University Press). Anne has been interested in the use of images and video in teaching and learning for many, many years and tries to share ideas for using them in her books and on the posts on her website Teaching Together.

Annie Altamirano


Annie Altamirano has over 30 years’ experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager and materials writer. She has served as Cambridge English Speaking Examiner and frequently works for Cambridge English Language Assessment. She has co-authored courses for children and adolescents online and digital content published by Macmillan, CUP, Pearson, Cengage and the British Council. Since her early years as a teacher, she has integrated the use of film, art, poetry and diverse visual elements in her classes and materials as a way of helping students develop their linguistic skills as well as their creativity. She also tries to share her ideas in her workshops and on the posts on her website Blogging Crazy

Anthony Cauchi


Anthony Cauchi has been an English teacher for many years, but he is also a painter, sculptor and designer who has held many solo exhibitions. Anthony has won the Bronze Medal, International Postal Union Art Competition in Lugano, Switzerland and in Rome, Italy. His works can be found in numerous Maltese households, National Hospitals, the National Fine Art Museum, German Maltese Circle, Heritage and restaurants all over the Island. He has also exhibited works in London, Helsinki, and Perugia.

Antonia Clare


Antonia Clare is a teacher trainer, conference speaker and writer. Her special interests include the use of video and new technologies in ELT, creativity and the psychology of language learning. She has taught and trained in many countries around the world, and co-authored coursebook titles including Total English and Speakout.

Aygun Mammadova


Aygun Mammadova is currently a Writing and Information Instructor at ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and master’s degree in International Development with a specialization in Mass Communications. Her previous experience includes 8 years of working in the NGO development field and 10 years of ESL teaching in an academic environment covering preparatory program, English for Business and Academic purposes. She also has a two-year experience in teaching Business Communications course for both undergraduate and graduate students. For the last two years Aygun has been instructing academic writing courses. She has developed a strong interest in incorporating creative writing and visual literacy into her syllabus. Along with her professional activity Aygun has been volunteering as an Elementary Drama teacher at a cooperative run for expatriate children in Baku. Aygun has several goal for her future and one of them is pursuing a PhD in Education Leadership.

Barbara Chamberlin

BC pic

Barbara Chamberlin is a teacher trainer and educator at the University of Brighton and currently a PhD student at the University of Sussex where she is pursuing her love of and professional / scholarly interest in comics. Barbara has long been a firm believer in the power of the image (and her MA dissertation many moons ago focused on the role of visuals in the language learning process). The intersection of image and text opens multiple opportunities for creative expression and for learning, and comics specifically invite the reader into a space where they become part author, enabling co-construction of meaning. She also co-curates Graphic Brighton, a local comics event based around central themes.

Barbara Mocibob


Barbara Mocibob has been a teacher of Graphics for almost 20 years to Secondary school students in a Liceo Artistico in Bergamo, Italy. Her interests include publishing, architecture, art, education, foreign cultures. She co-authored many coursebook titles regarding Graphics and Design for Secondary School. At present she is co-operating with an English language teacher and is developing inter-disciplinary projects regarding theater, migrations, history and art. She has lately produced videos for the competition Shakespeare’s Shorts for the British Council. She is the Digital Team Head of her school for the development and application of good digital practises in Education.She is member of two eTwinning projects (“Europe Elsewhere, 2017” and “Paris Peace Treaties, 1947”) with a French school from Lyon.

Belén García de Mateos

foto primer plano (2)

Belén García de Mateos studied Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos in Valencia(Spain).  After working in design and advertising companies, she now works as a teacher of painting in a senior people community center. She exhibits her work occasionally and  illustrates books on various subjects. She loves  English and she believes that art can be an incredible tool to create an engaging lesson and develop creativity and critical thinking in the classroom.

Ben Goldstein


Ben Goldstein has taught English for over twenty-five years in the UK, Spain and Hong Kong. He currently teaches on The New School’s online MATESOL program (New York). He has co-authored two adult courses for Richmond, “Framework” and “The Big Picture” and is also the co-author of the secondary series Eyes Open / Uncover and of the adult coursebook English Unlimited Advanced (Cambridge). He has also published the teachers’ methodology handbooks Working with Images and Language Learning with Digital Video (both Cambridge) which won an English-Speaking Award in 2016. His main interests lie in visual literacy, intercultural and identity issues and English as an International Language. You can find out more about Ben and his work at his author website.

Berna Fitzpatrick


Berna Fitzpatrick has been self employed for over 20 years hosting international students in her home. She is specialized in One to One English tuition for all levels of English speakers in her home. She has Certificate in French for the Export market , a Bachelor Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship and a CELTA Certificate. She loves film and is a member of The Irish Film Institute, Dublin she regularly attends screening of different Irish and international film. She spends her time taking photographs for Instagram and her own personal albums. She aims to expand her knowledge in the use of the visual arts in language classes and to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Božica Šarić- Cvjetković


Božica Šarić- Cvjetković has a BA in English language and literature and ten years of experience in the classroom. She teaches young learners and teenagers in a state primary school and works with students with special learning difficulties. She’s also a teacher trainer and has presented at several international conferences.

Candy Fresacher


Dr. Candy Fresacher, has been teaching at various vocational colleges in Vienna for the past 25 years. In 2006 she received her Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Vienna. In the past ten years she has become involved in teacher training as part of her position on the board and as Chair of TEA (Teachers of English in Austria). She has also edited their ELT News and published a number of articles including Humanizing Language Teaching. She has written a chapter for the book Positive Psychology in SLA which came out in 2016 as well as a chapter in Creativity in ELT available free online here. In 2015 she received the Pannonia Award from the University of Pannonia in Hungary.

Carla Giovanna Prati


Carla Giovanna Prati was born in 1964 and has been teaching English to Secondary School students for more than 20 years. She teaches Literature and Art in a Liceo Artistico in Bergamo Italy. Her interests range from Literature (in particular Shakespeare and Modern Literature) to Art, together with Graphics. She has been cooperating with an excellent Graphic teacher in her school for five years and has guided students to develop very interesting video projects, among which are the latest Shakespeare’s shorts for the British Council. At present she is also a member of the Digital Team of her school and she is working on the development and use of digital media in teaching Literature and Art. She is co-founder of two eTwinning projects (“Europe Elsewhere, 2017” and “Paris Peace Treaties, 1947”) with the French Secondary School Charlie Chaplin, Lyon.

Carmen Herrero


Dr. Carmen Herrero coordinates the research and professional development programme of FILTA (Film in Language Teaching Association). She is a Principal Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Head of Spanish at MMU. She runs teaching training events and workshop for students. She is author of materials for Spanish and EFL language learners and teachers. Her main area of interest lies in the intersection of film pedagogy and language learning: multimodality and new literacies; the integration of media literacy in language learning; and the role of cultural and intercultural competences through film in teaching training.

Carol Kitsos

Carol Kitsos has been an EFL teacher in Greece for around 25 years, specialising in Cambridge Upper Main Suite exams, and more recently IELTS. She has served as an oral examiner for Cambridge, and has also written various teaching materials. One project, which, while not mainstream, she found extremely rewarding to do, was to write the workbook and teaching notes for the Cengage/Classical Comics EFL versions of Macbeth, Henry V, Great Expectations and Frankenstein. The idea behind this was to encourage young learners to become interested in reading classics through presenting them in comic style. Following this, She  used the materials in her own lessons to great effect. The students – and particularly the boys – responded well to the visual images, and took more interest in reading the stories than they might otherwise have done. Her goal is to further develop her skills in this area, and as a member of the Visual Arts Circle, she would love to exchange ideas with like-minded people around the globe.

Carrie English


Carrie English, formally trained in illustration and art direction, has combined both creative disciplines in the publishing as well as advertising industries. She is a visual problem-solver, distilling complex ideas and mountains of information into bite-sized concepts and inspired – and inspiring – images and designs. As an Illustrator, Art Director and Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience, she brings together vision, creativity, storytelling and craftsmanship to exceed expectations in unexpected ways. Most recently, she has been working with ELT publishers, including Brookemead ELT and Helbling Languages, and K-5 publishers and game producers, including Little Passports and LeapFrog. Carrie enjoys traveling, especially to Europe, and calls San Francisco home. She designed the logo for the Visual Arts Circle.

Cathy Salonikidis


Cathy Salonikidis, with a B.A. and a TESL graduate diploma, born in Canada, is an ESL teacher and has taught ESL/EFL and Spanish to teenagers and adults in Canada, Colombia, US, UK and Greece. She is also a speaking examiner for CaMLA, a regular presenter and a member of TESOL MTh. Cathy has an interest in the use of art content in the EFL classroom so as to bring out  the students’ creativity and stimulate their critical thinking .

Cathy Silk


Cathy Silk is originally from New Zealand where she trained and briefly worked in primary education before swapping life downunder for the Netherlands. She holds an MA TESOL and MEd in English Teaching and works as a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for the British Council in Amsterdam. She increasingly realises the potential of visual literacy in complementing and extending language learning.

Celeste Simões

Celeste Simões

Celeste Simões is a teacher, teacher trainer and EFL materials writer. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies and is currently studying Law at the University of Coimbra. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Portuguese English Language Teachers’ Association. She is a teacher at a pubic school in Portugal and she has more than 25 years experience in teaching. She is particularly interested in the use of images to motivate students, increase their self esteem and improve their critical thinking skills.

Ceri Jones


Ceri Jones is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She’s been working in ELT since 1986, teaching, managing and training in Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK as well as working online as a tutor, trainer and mentor. She has written for a number of coursebook series for adults and teenagers and is series editor of the Macmillan Literature Collections. She is particularly interested in student-centred materials and activities, including the sharing and curating of images and the use of student-led video projects. She writes about her experiences and her experiments on her blog, Close Up.

Charis Loke


Charis Loke is an illustrator and teacher who works in community arts education in Malaysia. She holds a Sc.B in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Brown University, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (English) from UUM. As a Teach for Malaysia Fellow, she taught English and Visual Art for two and a half years in high-need public secondary schools, where she explored creative teaching and facilitation techniques. She has also taught visual storytelling workshops to teachers, secondary school and university students. Her illustration work has appeared in magazines, books, and TED talks. Charis believes that images and stories matter, and are a powerful tool for changing the world. You can find out more about Charis and her artwork on her website.

Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson is a teacher and teacher trainer with the British Council, Barcelona. She is also a practising artist and stained glass designer. She has given several sessions at teacher training conferences for the British Council. Christine is passionate about using authentic materials drawn from all areas of culture, and making these accessible to learners so that they too can be inspired by some of the greatest minds and most influential figures. You can find out more about Christine and her artwork on her website.

Christos Sotiropoulos


Christos Sotiropoulos is a teacher, teacher trainer and course designer. He works as a teacher at Sotiropoulos Language School in Vryses, Chania, Crete, Greece and is a member of the board and a teacher trainer for the Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners (PALSO). He designs educational courses, he is a certified Moodle Course Creator and has a keen interest in the use of educational technology applications.

Chrysa Papalazarou


Chrysa Papalazarou is an English teacher in a state primary school in Greece. She is interested in integrating art in her classes, mainly painting, photography, and video. She believes that using visual arts in English language teaching can be effective, meaningful, and present opportunities for developing students’ creative and critical thinking. It can improve engagement, motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. As art signifies experience, meaning, language, and values it can connect students more deeply to the world, and foster empathy. Chrysa holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Education and Human Rights. She is one of the contributing authors in the British Council’s latest publication Creativity in the English language classroom. She has also presented her ideas in conferences and workshops in her country and abroad.

Chryssa Themelis

Dr. Chryssa Themelis is an associate researcher at Lancaster University, doctoral advisor at Bolton University and an expert of technology enhanced learning (TEL). She works as a researcher/trainer for EU projects such as Erasmus + and coordinates the annual VocTEL conference aiming to promote TEL in Greece. In 2007, Hellenic American Union awarded her school of foreign language with a Certificate of Recognition. She holds a BA in Economics from Deree, a MSc in Networked Learning and a PhD in the field of “E-research and Technology Enhanced Learning” from Lancaster University (department of educational research). Studied at Harvard school of education, action research, and her research interests focus on Visual/videp/virtual literacies, MOOcs, vocational e-learning, gamification, research methods and wearable devices. She belongs to the Networked Learning conference reviewers’ committee, open praxis journal and the British Journal of Educational Technology reviewers’ panel. Her research material is published at books, peer-reviewed journals and presented at several conferences in the UK, Denmark, Spain, the USA, and Greece.

Cian Donnelly


Cian Donnelly is a teacher, artist and writer. He currently works at The Language Net in Rome, and holds an MFA in European Fine Art. Cian is passionate about the use of image and storytelling to activate language learning. He has designed and provided courses, for both adults and children, which have focused on student-generated content stemming from storytelling and the use of moving image.

Cristina Oliveira

cristina oliveira

Ana Cristina Oliveira has been a TOEFL for 21 years, having worked with a wide range of students in Portugal and, whenever possible, from abroad. She has also taught Portuguese both to native speakers and foreign learners. Recognizing the power of the image as being irresistible, most of her classes include this element as a communication generator. She has already worked with students in video producing and two samples of the projects can be seen in the IATEFL GISIG website. Cristina holds an MA in English and Portuguese Studies, and her thesis on English 19th century literature also reflects her interest in painting and how the visuals and the written works communicate and, almost, interact so clearly, revealing so much of our fears, thoughts and beliefs. She is always eager to participate in international projects as they strengthen not only language skills but, most importantly, citizenship awareness.

Daniel Xerri


Dr. Daniel Xerri is a lecturer in TESOL at the University of Malta, the Joint Coordinator of the IATEFL Research SIG, and the chairperson of the ELT Council within the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta. He holds postgraduate degrees in English and Applied Linguistics, as well as a PhD in Education from the University of York. He has been awarded a number of international grants in order to conduct research in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA. He is the author of many publications on different areas of education and TESOL, including articles published in ELT Journal, English in Education, and International Journal of Research and Method in Education. His main research interests are creativity and teacher education. Further details about his talks and publications can be found at:

Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker has been involved in ELT for 30 years. A teacher, trainer, author and former Director of Studies and school owner, he has had a wide variety of angles on teaching, teachers, students and materials. He has written books for Young Learners and Teachers of Young Learners and has delivered workshops and conference talks worldwide. His current interests are incorporating the findings of cognitive science into teaching and learning and working with Visible Thinking Routines.

David Alexander Barnett


David Alexander Barnett is an English teacher with the British Council, Madrid, who has, for many years, been an ardent photographer. His work tells simple but powerful stories and he is convinced of the potential of the medium in the language classroom. Images don’t need to be translated to be understood, but sometimes they do need to be analysed to be fully appreciated. Even the most tongue-tied individual can be a poet when armed with a camera and insight.

David Gray

david gray

David Gray is a teacher, artist and course designer. He works as an English and Art teacher in CEFALT, HCMC Vietnam. He is interested in combining English and art classes through using graphics, props and games to create engaging and creative lessons.

Dimitris Tzouris


Dimitris Tzouris is a connected educator and likes to call himself a learning agent. Currently an Instructional Technologist at Anatolia High School and the American College of Thessaloniki, as well as a Computer Science teacher at Anatolia Elementary School. He is also an Advisor on Social Media and Learning Technologies at the American International Consortium of Academic Libraries (AMICAL) and an EdTech columnist for TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece. He is a member of the Global Education Conference leadership team and occasionally reviews for EDUCAUSE. He is the founder of Global Game Jam Thessaloniki and a Social Media Manager at TEDxThessaloniki. He blogs at and curates the educationFWD magazine. More links and contact info at

Edward Cromarty

Edward Cromarty

Edward Cromarty is a teacher and researcher specializing in the field of education. Edward has earned the Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at Northeastern University, and professional post-doctoral credentials in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education where he is completing certification in Media & Technology in Education. He holds Professional Certification (PCHPE) in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from University College London’s Institute of Education, along with Certifications in Spanish Language from NYU, and Protecting Human Research Participants from the National Institutes of Health. Edward owned Edward Cromarty Designs for over 10 years and has been employed in the arts in a variety of positions. Edward is employed in teaching and research in higher education. He can be reached at

Efi Tzouri


Efi Tzouri is a graduate of the English Language and Literature Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Having done studies both in Liverpool John Moores University and Royal Holloway University of London she specialised in Theatre Education and Theatre Production. She loves acting and directing and I is really keen on working with youngsters’ theatre groups. She has been teaching English for almost 15 years. She has been a radio show co-presenter and I has collaborated with the Public Central Library of Serres on a digital storytelling project called Storieschest sponsored by Future Library and Niarchos Foundation. Currently, she is teaching English to young learners, teenagers and adults and doing a Master’s degree course on Language Education for Refugees and Migrants. In addition, she has been a board member of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece Teachers’ Association for four years holding mainly the role of Media Officer.

Ekaterina A. Litvinova

Ekaterina Litvinova

Ekaterina A. Litvinova is a student teacher based in Lisbon. She used to teach English at Moscow State University, Russia. After moving to Portugal she started an MA in Teaching English to Young Learners. Ekaterina is highly interested in exploring the effect of using visual arts on young learners engagement and is writing her thesis with the corresponding title.

Elena Deleyto La Cruz

Elena Deleyto La Cruz_330px

Elena Deleyto La Cruz performs her role as Head of Media for English language teaching for Digital Learning Associates from Barcelona. In this role, she designs video elements—attending to learning design and visual strategy— for courses used by the world’s top ELT brands. With a combined media and language background, she has also worked as a freelance translator for the media and marketing sectors for many years alongside a part-time teaching role. Fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English, Elena is also the co-founder of independent publishing house Editorial Garbuix.

Elena Domínguez Romero

Elena Dominguez Romero

Elena Domínguez Romero is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Linguistics at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. Her research interests include higher education and EFL/ESL. She has co-authored a number of publications with Jelena Bobkina. Elena is an active member of numerous Complutense research projects on innovative teaching in EFL/ESL.

Elie Cardero

photo of me --

Elie Cardero is a private languages tutor with experience teaching at schools in Spain and Jordan. She has a degree in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish and Arabic) from the University of Salford and a CIM in Digital Marketing. Inspired by the teaching methods described in The Image in ELT, she is excited to learn more about the use of images in language education and incorporate them into her teaching.

Eliot Freed


Eliot Freed is an accomplished fine arts photographer with over 15 years experience in nature photography. Eliot’s photography appeared in A Visual Manifesto for Language Learning. He also specializes in experience marketing, creating programs designed and built to last despite an ever-changing organizational structure. He is strong in translating complex technical concepts, products, and solutions into tangible digitally based demonstrations and experiences which focus on end user value. Educated in the field of Architecture he has adapted his strengths and vast set of skills in end user understanding and design into the marketing profession withinthe ICT industry. Eliot lives and works in Sweden. To see more of Eliot’s work, visit his website.

Emilie Lehr


Emilie Lehr is a French language teacher, teacher trainer and media-based materials writer, specialised in the use of Media and video in language learning, and in media literacy. She is originally from Strasburg, France and is currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In association with the television network TV5MONDE, she develops teaching and learning multimedia resources based on its programs (reports, TV shows, short films, etc.). All the resources are available for free to French teachers and learners on the sites “Learn and teach with TV5MONDE”.She trains all actors engaging in French Language Teaching in France and in many countries around the world. She also works toward the development of the TV5MONDE teacher experts network throughout the world. Alongside these activities, she teaches at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the MA in Conference interpreting. You can find out more about her work on, follow her activities on her blog and listen to her in the TV programme « Destination Francophonie » where she presents the websites « Apprendre et Enseigner le français avec TV5MONDE ».

Emma Louise Pratt


Emma Pratt is the developer of the 2016 ELTons nominated TEFL Preparation Course from ELTcampus, an online platform she also co-founded and developed. She is an online learning developer, writer and has been an English teacher since 1999 and is currently
involved with CLIL. She is a practicing artist with a degree in Fine Arts, a post-graduate in Museology and more recently programming and web design. She has also worked in museum education and run a nationwide artists in schools project in New Zealand.

Erin Palmquist


Erin Palmquist is a San Francisco Bay Area based documentary filmmaker with over 10 years of experience. She is an independent cinematographer, producer, and director who has also worked for companies such as Lucasfilm, National Geographic Explorer, and PBS. She is currently in production on her first feature length documentary From Baghdad to The Bay. She is the director of photography for 5 Blocks, a feature length documentary. Erin is also a producer and director of photography for the documentary shorts series Oakland Originals that highlights the artists, thinkers, and do-ers that make Oakland a unique and vibrant city. She was also the editor for the 24 short films in Brookemead ELT’s Smart English A2 with Anna Whitcher and Rebecca Robb Benne. She lives and works in Oakland, California, USA. For more about Erin, visit: