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Fern Kushner


Fern Kushner teaches English for business and technical purposes, online and in companies in the Cologne area. She is co-developer of the Kushner-Methode, which uses music and images to help children learn English. Fern is also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, supporting easy and efficient human movement, and enjoys making interactive online quizzes and educational videos for her students.

Filomena Alijaj


Filomena Alijaj is a wanderlust for the world and life in general who happens to be a motivated English Language teacher in Portugal. I love when my students produce creative work and usually lend a hand and some creative input to their fresh approach.

Fiona Mauchline


Fiona Mauchline is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in Oxford. She regularly teacher-trains in many countries, and her publications include Interface and Motivate (for ESO, Macmillan) and Motivate for Bachillerato (Edelvives). She writes or runs 4 blogs (including macappella and Take a photo and…), and co-curates ElTpics, a creative commons, crowd-sourced photo resource for teachers.

Gail Ellis


Gail Ellis is Adviser Young Learners and Quality for the British Council and based in Paris. Her publications include Learning to Learn English , The Primary English Teacher’s Guide, Tell it Again! and Teaching children how to learn which won an English-Speaking Union Award in the Teacher Resources category in 2016. Her main interests are children’s literature, young learner ELT management and inclusive education.

Gary Riley-Jones

GRJ Photo

Gary Riley-Jones is a Senior Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at Goldsmiths University of London. Gary is interested in the lived experiences of international students and especially Fine Art students, with whom he works most closely as an EAP practitioner. This interest is reflected in his EdD, which he is studying at the UCL Institute of Education, where his thesis is concerned with the Fine Art Crit, criticality and the potential for transformation, and how such an understanding of criticality may be relevant to EAP. Gary is also interested in how images can be used as vehicles for learning in a more CLIL-based approach and how such an approach, with its engagement with critical theory, can encourage a more engaged and transformative form of criticality.

Genna Leach

Photo on 11-08-2018 at 16.55 #3

Genna Leach gained a TEFL whilst living in Barcelona in 2017. Her intension was to use this qualification during a sabbatical, however enjoyed the experience of teaching English so rewarding, she decided to combine it with her love for filmmaking. She holds a BA, a PG Diploma and an MA in Film studies. Genna’s approach to teaching allows students to tune into their own imaginations; producing creative, meaningful outcomes. She believes that learning a language is a creative process.

Georgina Jackson

Georgina Jackson new photo

Georgina Jackson is an EAL Teacher in London and has just successfully completed her MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT at King’s College, where she specialised in Digital Storytelling. She is currently working to develop this teaching approach, which utilises traditional storytelling alongside digital media, to create workshops and develop further lesson materials based on her previous work in the film, TV, radio and advertising industry. Georgina strongly believes that ‘real-life’ tasks necessitating the use of technology are extremely motivating for EAL learners of all levels and is passionate to explore different ways to harness this to facilitate greater language learning in all language skills areas.

Gerard McLoughlin


Gerard McLoughlin has taught English in Italy, the U.K., Serbia, Egypt and Spain and a teacher trainer in the U.K., New Zealand, Mexico and Spain. He has a DipTEFLA and an MA in English Language Teaching. He is a CELTA and DELTA trainer at IH Barcelona and a CELTA assessor.  He is a co-author of Next Generation, a Bachillerato coursebook. He has also written several teacher books for McGraw Hill (Platform) and Heinle (Outcomes). He is a board member of TESOL-SPAIN as Online Resources Officer and Webmaster. He is also an ambassador for the Disabled Access Friendly campaign.

Giselle Santos


Giselle Santos, Google Certified Innovator, is an Academic Coordinator at Cultura Inglesa S/A, in Brazil, and a member of the the 2016 Horizon Report K-12 Panel of Experts. Her main interests are  disruptive innovation, educational technology, the Circular Economy and the Maker Culture. In her free time she hacks life.

Glória Silva

Glória Silva has a degree in Language Teaching (Portuguese and English)• She started teaching at the age of 22 and has taught in 3 different schools. For the past 27 years she has been teaching English at Escola Secundária de Estarreja, Aveiro, Portugal. She works with teens (15-17 years old) who enrol in professional courses and has also worked with adults for many years. Throughout the years she has attended many sessions and conferences (also as a speaker) in order to update her knowledge and improve her teaching skills; she has always been interested in new strategies to engage students in language learning.

Grace Alchini


Originally from Argentina, Grace Alchini has lived in Puebla, Mexico, for the last 16 years. She holds a Bachelor’s  degree in ELT ( IES Lenguas Vivas, Buenos Aires) and a Master’s degree in Distance Education ( UTEM , Santiago de Chile) . She has over 33 years’ experience teaching at universities (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico) and giving in-company business English training.  At the moment she is a freelance trainer running innovative general and business language workshops. She is a frequent presenter at international conferences. Her main interests are collaborative learning, business English, the inclusion of values in ELT and the development of visual literacy through the critical and creative use of images.

Hania Kryszewska


Hania Kryszewska is a teacher, teacher trainer and trainer of trainers. She works as a senior lecturer at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. She has co-authored resource books: Learner Based Teaching, OUP, Towards Teaching, Heinemann, The Standby Book, CUP, Language Activities for Teenagers, CUP, The Company Words Keep, DELTA Publishing, a course for secondary schools: ForMat, Macmillan, and a video based teacher training course: Observing English Lessons. She is the editor of HLT Magazine and a teacher trainer with Pilgrims Language Courses and University of Oxford. She is interested in using the visual sensory channel in language teaching, using fine arts and photography and developing visual literacy.

Heather McClean

Heather ID photo

Heather McClean is an EAP programme manager working with students studying on creative arts degree courses in the UK.  She has many years of experience in English language teaching and training, and has spent the last six years working with visual arts students.  She is therefore extremely interested in the use of visual material to stimulate discussion and facilitate learning in the classroom.

Heike Philp

Heike Philp

Heike Philp, CEO of let’s talk online sprl is an edtech and immersive language education integration specialist. Philp co-initiated four European funded projects on teaching and learning a language in real-time at a distance: LANCELOT (LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers), AVALON (Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline) and CAMELOT (CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning) and GUINEVERE (Games Used IN Engaging Virtual Environments for Realtime language Education). Philp founded and organizes several annual web conferences: Virtual Round Table (on language learning technologies) DaFWEBKON (teachers of German), SLanguages Annual Symposium (immersive education). She co-owns EduNation islands in Second Life.

Helen Turnbull

Helen Turnbull is a photographer and educator. Originally from Sussex in the U.K. she has been teaching English in Barcelona, Spain since 2003. She combines her work as a visual artist with teaching English as a foreign language to young learners and teenagers. She has wide experience of teaching children and has taught privately as well as running sessions in pre-school groups and nurseries. In 2014 she directed a summer immersion day programme in Barcelona. She currently runs after school clubs in English for primary school children and hosts international students during the school holidays for the ‘Daily English’ linguistic immersion programme. She has a special interest in the use of visual arts, storytelling and bookmaking in language education.

Ian Leahy


Ian Leahy has taught English in China, Korea and Taiwan. He enjoys teaching children. He studied fine arts in school with an emphasis on painting. He currently works with different mediums like miming, beat boxing, turntables, and performance art. He is the creator of the site which offers courses and resources such as how-to videos, a blog and other information on teaching English in Asia.

Irene Vlazaki


Irene Vlazaki has been a teacher of English in Greece for 25 years currently working in a state primary school in Thessaloniki. Before settling in Primary classrooms she has had a significant amount of experience in all grades and levels of ELT.  She is currently an MA student in intercultural studies and Pedagogy in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and strongly believes in the mediating power of English Language and the bridging of cultures it can initiate. Being a project coordinator in two Erasmus programs made it possible to see how problems can be solved through interaction and respect.  ELT can be used in  the most unconventional ways if students enjoy and learn and  State schools are still in Greece a wonderful place for experimentation and creativity despite the many difficulties and lack of recourses.

Irini – Renika Papakammenou


Dr. Irini – Renika Papakammenou holds a BA in English Literature with English Language, an MSc in TESOL and a PhD in Linguistics with a focus on testing and assessment. She has received an award for her PhD thesis as the best postgraduate thesis of the year. She has also published scientific papers on language testing and assessment. She has been involved in EFL teaching and learning for the past 18 years. During her teaching career she has contributed to the field in a number of different capacities such as English language teacher, exam preparation teacher, teacher trainer, oral examiner, speaker and researcher. She is the owner of a private institute of foreign languages, she owns a distance learning platform and leads distance learning EFL examination programs. 

Isabel Oliveira 

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 17.57.17

Isabel Oliveira is a teacher. She teaches French and English to tourism students at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal. She has a PhD in Linguistics (applied to tourism). She has a keen interest in educational technology and its use with student-generated content. She uses images to enhance student language development.

Jade Blue


Jade Blue came to English Language Teaching from a background in Theatre Arts. She has a first class honours degree in Physical Theatre and previously ran her own theatre company, touring one woman shows and delivering large scale outdoor events. In 2011 Jade fell passionately into the world of ELT and now works in Germany and the UK as an English language teacher, Business English trainer, and teacher-trainer. She is CELTA, TESOL Diploma and Cert IBET qualified and has delivered seminars on Projects in EFL,Phonemes & Pronunciation and Learner Generated Visuals. Jade writes an ELT blog, has been published in Voices and has recently contributed her own learner visuals to an upcoming Routledge publication on Reflective Practice in ELT. Jade has a special interest in the use of visuals in ELT and is currently researching and compiling materials for an ELT resource book on Learner Generated Visuals.

James Dalrymple

Chris Dalrymple

James Dalrymple is a CELTA-trained (Bridge Linguatec, Denver, CO, 2006) English-language teacher at the Université Grenoble-Alpes, France. With a doctorate in British literature and visual culture, James Dalrymple teaches both degree-level students of English and lifelong learners, including trainee teachers. He publishes research in British literature, cinema and television, and blogs on using visual media and music in the language classroom.

Jana Zivanovic

Jana Zivanovic

Jana Živanović is a PhD student at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and an English teacher. She has been teaching General English and Integrated Skills at the Military Academy since 2016 and is currently giving classes of Contemporary English as an elective course at her home faculty. She believes that a “picture says a thousand words” and that images can be used with students of all ages, because they are a tool for breaking stereotypes and taboos, a window to different cultures and prompts for speaking. Apart from using pictures for vocabulary and cultural content, she uses pictures for bringing abstract grammatical concepts closer to students. She is bad at drawing, but her imperfect artworks help students understand and remember the content taught. In her free time, she edits articles for ELTA Newsletter and  does research on linguistics in general, applied and cognitive linguistics and teaching methodology.

Jane Arnold


Dr. Jane Arnold is Professor of Language Teaching Methodology at the University of Seville.  Among her publications are Affect in Language Learning (CUP),  Meaningful Action, Earl  Stevick’s Influence on Language Teaching (CUP)  and Imagine That! Mental Imagery in the EFL Classroom  (Helbling Languages).

Janet Gokay


Janet Gokay has been working in the ELT field – and with video and digital resources – since the Ice Age, as a writer, editor, producer, manager for all the major publishers as well as some minor ones. She believes that video is hideously underused in ELT – and that its potential is astronomical. Here’s to a bright future!

Jani Reddy


Dr. Jani Reddy is a teacher educator working in a Government Elementary Teacher Training college in Hyderabad, Telangana state India. He did his  master degree in General Education, English literature and Adult Education, and his PhD in Education from Osmania University Hyderabad.Presently he is heading the  ELT training for teachers working  in Telangana state. He also part of curticulum development and coordinated all English school textbooks in the state. He is one of the Core Skill trainers in India chosen by the British Council India. His main interest is in ELT material development, teacher training and research. He is coordinating mobile learning for teachers in his state where 20 strong groups are working for sharing and learning by using social media like WhatsApp, Google groups and Facebook.

Jazeel Asanar

Visual arts circle Jazeel

Jazeel Asanar is a teacher of English. He works at the Parakkrama Vidayalaya, Ampara, Sri Lanka and holds a B.Ed. in Teaching English as a Second Language. Jazeel has a keen interest in the use of student-generated content to enable learners to act as protagonists in the learning process.

Jean Sciberras


Jean Sciberras works full time at NSTS ELI, the very first English Language school in Malta, as Assistant DOS. She is a teacher, teacher trainer, and CELTA trainer. She has an Honours Degree in English, CELTA, DELTA and a Post-graduate Certificate in Educational Management in TESOL from Aston University. She has worked in TEFL for 30 years, in Malta, Perugia and Milan. She is Team Leader and Oral Examiner for Cambridge Main Suite exams and often delivers seminars for MATEFL of which she is an honorary member. She was also instrumental in organising national seminars and workshops in Malta with world renowned speakers like Mark Powell, Jeremy Harmer and Adrian Underhill.

Jelena Bobkina

Yelena Bobkina

Jelena Bobkina holds a PhD in Slavic Philology and Indo-European Linguistics from the University of Granada (Spain) since 2007 and an M.A. in English Philology and Russian Philology from the University of Latvia since 1993. In recent years, she has been teaching English language and linguistics at the English Department of the Technical University of Madrid. Her research interests and publications relate to the field of language teaching and applied linguistics. She is particularly interested in exploring diverse and creative ways video and images are used in the EFL classroom.

Jennifer Sizer

16830973_10154372861961705_6204247752675872084_n (1)

Jennifer Sizer is a senior teaching fellow and course leader at the University of Portsmouth. She teaches English for Academic Purposes and coordinates an English for Specific Academic Purposes unit for students in creative and cultural industries. She hold an MA in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is pursuing an EdD on the language used and experienced by creative students studying art and architecture.

Jill Devine

Jill Devine Visual arts circle

Jill Devine is an EFL teacher and Adult Education Tutor. She works at the Bell School of English in Cambridge, U.K. and holds a degree in Multi-Disciplinary Design, a P.G.C.E. (with an art specialism) and a DELTA qualification. She has worked as a glass designer/maker for industry and ran her own art glass business as well as being involved in Interior Design projects. She is currently a member of the Cambridge Urban Sketchers. She has designed and implemented a summer school course, ‘English with Art & Design’ in which learners develop creativity, visual awareness, critical and cultural understanding. She believes that learning should involve an imaginative, creative and personal response.

Joanna Norton

Joanna Norton

Joanna Norton is a language development tutor at the University of the Arts (UAL), London.  She works across colleges and disciplines with students from foundation to postgraduate level.  As a creative thinker, her primary area of interest lies at the confluence of divergent disciplines.  Her current area of research within Applied Imagination is investigating ways to develop a model of 21st century teaching and learning that is informed by social justice.   She regularly collaborates with designers, makers, writers, technologists and scientists, to create new ways of seeing learning. Some examples of her work can be found at

Joel Josephson


Joel Josephson has initiated and worked in over 30 European funded education projects, often for languages. The projects he has initiated use the arts, music, video and technology to teach in holistic ways. He spoke at a Tedx on the Creative Classroom and won a Medea award for the EU PopuLLar project that he initiated and designed. His YouTube channel has received over 18 million views.

John Hughes


John Hughes is an ELT teacher trainer and author. He has been a lead author on many course books including the Business Result (Oxford) and Life (National Geographic) series. His books make use of images and video at three levels: comprehension, critical thinking and creativity. He is also the series editor the ETpedia methodology series published by Pavilion publishing which includes resources on using images and video. For more on John’s work with visual literacy in ELT, visit and

Jon Corippo


Jon Corippo is the Director of Academic Innovation for CUE, leading CUE’s professional learning throughout California and Nevada. Jon keynotes, leads and designs Professional Learning experiences all over the country. Jon’s core PL skills are focused on 1:1 deployment, Common Core, Project Based Learning, social media skills and Lesson Design. Jon is the creator of the CUE Rock Star Camp Series, The CUE Rock Star Admin Camp Series and planner for the CUE Super Symposium and JET Review Program.

Judy Boyle


Judy Boyle has worked in education as a teacher, teacher trainer and coursebook writer for over thirty years. As an ELT teacher at Harvard she was awarded Teaching in Excellence recognition. Judy is the founder of The NO Project, an award-winning global educational campaign against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Julia Cidfuentes


Julia Cidfuentes is from Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, Spain. She been teaching English for some time both in secondary schools and Official School of Languages in Spain. She  really loves video and film in class although sometimes it’s not possible to use them as much as she would like.

Julia Galtseva


Julia Galtseva is a teacher of English from Moscow, Russia. Julia teaches pre-school children, primary and secondary school students and adults. She has done a master’s degree in pedagogy and teaching English. Her thesis was about using mass culture in teaching languages. Julia is inspired by using movies and Internet videos in lessons. She always look for new methods to encourage and motivate her students to learn English. Her personal website is

Julie Raikou


Julie Raikou was born in the UK and graduated from Oxford Brookes University. She spent her early career in the world of business in Hamburg and London before leaving for Greece where she is presently based. She is a Cambridge Assessment Specialist and has been working in the world of ELT for over 25 years. She has had experience in teaching English to all age groups in a variety of contexts. Julie has always been engaged in continuing professional development, regularly attends national and international conferences and enjoys being an active member of the international ELT community. She has supported the Disabled Access Friendly campaign. She is a co-curator for ELTpics, a creative commons, crowd-sourced photo resource for teachers.

Julietta Schoenmann


Julietta Schoenmann has been a language teacher and teacher trainer for twenty years, working in state and language schools in China, Eritrea, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has been training teachers and trainers in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Iraq, Thailand and Libya and is currently supporting the development of teacher training materials in Nigeria. Her educational interests include teacher development in low resourced environments and promoting learner engagement in the classroom.